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Well, on the bright side, at least this meant I got to skip out on oatmeal today. My feet were hurting—No way! I was right! My feet and my legs were longer! My jeans were definitely shorter than usual. What the heck was going on here?! I heard Jessi knocking repeatedly on the door and yelling out, Yoo-hoo, before Mom called down the hall to let me know she was here. How ironic that I would wear this shirt today, because life is certainly not awesome for me at the moment.

I had just enough time to grab a Snickers bar from my secret stash before bursting out of the house and bopping Jessi on the head for pounding on the door so loudly while she was waiting. I have a headache today, I whined. She had a little bounce in her step as she walked and her curly auburn hair swished and bounced around with her. Well, that makes one of us. Should I tell her? Oh, what the hay? I started my period this morning.

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Well, actually I got it sometime in the night. I thought it best not to mention this to her right now. Aw, my poow, wittle Mawchipoo! The freckles on her plump face changed shape when she scrunched her nose up while doing baby-talk at me.

See a Problem?

Why did everyone in my life insist on talking to me like this? Keep it up. Good luck finding someone to go to the football game with you tomorrow. I stuck my nose in the air and walked ahead of her.

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We got to the breezeway just in time to hear the five-minute warning bell. Deckard was leaning against the ugly, concrete building, tapping his invisible watch at us and shaking his head in mock disappointment. Deckard Brown is our other best friend.

Four-Day Planet by H. Beam Piper

The three of us have been best pals since first grade when he showed up halfway through the school year and no one but us wanted to be friends with him on account of him being the new kid. We mostly ignored him and spent our recesses filling the tire swing with rocks. He watched us for a few days and then one day he came up and, without saying a word, just started emptying rocks out of his pockets to give us. We thought he was pretty cool after that so we let him play with us and the rest is history.

Are you guys pushing for some kind of record for most detentions? He pulled his headphones off, mussing his brown hair along the way, and let them rest around his neck where they would stay all day. Jessi put her hands on my shoulders. There were extenuating circumstances today. She gave me a look like she was waiting for me to tell him. Well, you obviously think Deckard should know, I said smugly, proud of my quick thinking which was a rare occurrence for me.

We were nearing our lockers, which were all in the same unit, and Melissa Glasswell whose locker, unfortunately, was the one right above mine interrupted our convo. Hello, Loser Triplets. She smiled, pleased with herself, and brushed her perfectly straight, shiny, blonde hair off her shoulders before putting her hands on her hips.

Her elbows stuck out like winged weapons at her sides. She was all elbows and not a whole lot else. Jessi started opening her locker while Melissa just looked at her with fake sympathy. By de facto, I mean she was the default leader, in that no one had the guts to go against her—even her stupid friends. This is our second year of high school; you gotta step up your game. You could at least try something mildly intellectual like Loser Cubed or—.

By this time she had rolled her eyes and slammed her locker shut, preparing to strut down the hall. I was inclined to agree with him. It was gonna take all I had just to get through my first three classes before having to convince Mrs. This action might not be possible to undo. Are you sure you want to continue? Upload Sign In Join. Save For Later. Create a List.

The Lesson

Summary "It was like I was going against the wind in a blizzard - it was so hard to concentrate on him. Read on the Scribd mobile app Download the free Scribd mobile app to read anytime, anywhere. The sound was more like the screech of an owl than an alarm clock. Shut up! I slammed my hand on my clock and sat up and put on my glasses.

The Last Days of John Allen Chau

What kind of fifteen-year-old pees in her — A big, brownish-red spot stained my sheet. My mom greeted me in the kitchen. Morning, Marchie. Why are you washing your sheets? Yes, you did. The first is usage of its Deep Space Network for mission communication that will receive data from the spacecraft and Prof. These data will be made publicly available.

If the reflector array proves useful, NASA plans to use similar ones in the future to measure distances between various objects and planets in space. Date: April 3, Eman Khatib-Massalha and her husband Dr. Date: March 10, Rony Dahan and his colleagues have engineered a cancer immunotherapy drug that is 30 times more effective than existing compounds in targeting a specific protein involved in immune activation.

Date: October 23, Watch Israel land on the Moon! The requisite YA love triangle has emerged. We all saw it coming. As the only female of her species, she is wanted and hunted by all of the clans, and life as a breeder is not on her agenda. There is still no revelation about what has happened to create such hatred between the supernatural powers but we are closer to discovering why this has occurred.

Knowing his intentions towards March are for personal gain and power, she takes control of the situation from the start- using gun power at every opportunity- the former alpha wanna-be becomes her personal target. The girl should not be allowed to hold a gun but we will discover that she had a good reason to keep him under control.

When March attempts a rescue of the pack, Avery Harper will once again drop in like the super hero and help March save the day. Whoever is in possession and marks the female, has power over the other packs. And there are other packs looking to claim March as one of their own.

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  4. Moon-Linked (Lone March #1).
  5. To complicate matters, everyone at school is now treating her like a celebrity. With at least 2 abductions and a runaway to her credit, March has topped the A-list for wannabes cliques and one-time enemies seeking information. She continues to play a game with their hearts.

    Her Jekyll and Hyde persona is disconcerting for both me, as the reader and the storyline characters. Werewolf rage is not pretty, and definitely, not an easy read. One thing that made me uncomfortable in this particular storyline- March has developed sexual feelings towards her guardian Avery Harper. To say the least, when a 15year old girl has a fascination with an older man, it becomes more than uncomfortable in a young adult storyline.

    There is no easy solution in the short term, but some major anger management is definitely something that has to be considered. We follow March as she travels between pack den and the Harper household but her feelings become conflicted when she believes everyone is hiding secrets-and they are. Not knowing what the future holds, she is fully aware that the pack is preparing to go to war to protect the only remaining female werewolf. There is a feud between the species, and the wolves are at the center of it all.

    But this new target is more than just human and his involvement with March will bring out another side that can only be explained by the very people keeping her true heritage under wraps. Although the sexual encounter was not graphic in content, there was a sexual encounter-none the less. Avery reveals his feelings for March —that of a father to a daughter, but with that realization, March is once again conflicted with her own emotions towards the man who has sworn to protect her from the others and in most cases, from herself.